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Easy and fast exchange Tether to Bitcoin

 Crypto investors usually do not limit themselves in choosing a digital currency for investments, because now there are a huge number of, and quite promising, altcoins. Stablecoins, which have become digital equivalents of traditional currencies, can be considered a separate category. The first and currently the most popular stablecoin is Tether. There are various options, but the most common one pegged to the US dollar is Tether USDT. The main advantage is the ability to avoid technical, financial, and legal difficulties arising from bank transfers in fiat money, and in comparison with conventional cryptocurrencies, there is no fear of losing funds due to exchange rate fluctuations.  At first, Tether was created based on the Omni protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. After the release of tokens, they were transferred to the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard, which made it possible to shorten the time and reduce the size of transaction fees. Why Bitcoin is better than o

Buy the Best Leather Bags for Women

Bolinder Stockholm is a leather bag and accessory brand in the luxury segment of the fashion handbag industry, founded in November 2014 by Ulrika Bolinder. Initially in cooperation with leather designer Magnus Nyström and made from the finest leather. 

The significant checkered pattern called ”The Manhattan Square" and leather interior in distinct colours are what makes the Bolinder bag unique.  The Bolinder bags have a classic expression, with a surprising pop of colour on the inside.

2011-2012 Ulrika Bolinder start to plan the Bolinder Brand and get ready for all the collars in the chain for the production and soft launches. In December 2013 Nobel Prize Ceremony, when the Opera trio Divine wears the first official bag, the Bolinder Silver Clutch, during the festivities in the City Hall. 

On 25 November 2014, the Bolinder Stockholm Official Launch took place with the collection Grace launch in r at the Bolinder Palace at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Webstore was also launched. During 2015 retailers in Stockholm, New York, Copenhagen was established and press coverage was substantial.

In 2016 Bolinder Stockholm attended Fashion Week Paris AW16 in collaboration with Yde Copenhagen with bags on a runway show at Tokyo de Palais, Paris in March. Bolinder Stockholm was introduced in Illums Bolighus Flagship Store in Copenhagen and website started to sell Bolinder Stockholm. Showrooms in Stockholm and Copenhagen was established. During spring a 60 m2 popup store in Mall of Scandinavia was open in Stockholm. 

Bolinder Stockholm was a proud exhibit sponsor during the woman WTA Tournament Ericsson Open last week of July in Båstad. Bolinder Stockholm was represented among the garments at display in Marianne Bernadotte exhibition A Style Icon at the museum Millesgården on Lidingö during spring. There have also been several successful collab events. Bolinder Stockholm opens the flagship Store at Sturegallerian, Stureplan in Stockholm.

Bolinder Stockholm expands the Flagship Store with events in collaboration with Knut Ribbhagens at Sturegallerian in Stockholm and brings once again the bags for everyday elegance to WTA Båstad Swedish Open in July 2019. Showroom in Denmark at Sophienberg Slot was established. Many Danish Retailer joins into the Bolinder Movement of Elegance. Grand Central Collection with Crossbody Bags introduced. Follow My Everyday Elegance

You can Buy the Best Leather Bags for Women


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