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How to Calculate Child Support in Georgia?

Youngster support in Georgia is determined to utilize a pay shares model, which was embraced by Georgia in 2007. Preceding January 1, 2007, Georgia determined youngster bolster dependent on the payment of the non-custodial parent exclusively. Since Georgia follows the salary shares model, support is determined by considering each parent's pay to at last decide what number of kids support the noncustodial parent will be requested to pay. 
The initial phase in ascertaining support in Georgia is to decide the gross pay of each parent. For the motivations behind a help estimation, net pay incorporates pay, compensation, commissions, independent work pay, rewards, extra time pay, severance pay, annuity, and retirement pay, intrigue salary, profit pay, trust pay, capital additions, Social Security handicap instalments, specialist's remuneration benefits, joblessness benefits, decisions from individual injury claims or other common cases, blessings, prizes, and some other wellsprings …